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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I remember him so well. He was always there for me from the moment I turned 16 until that fateful day six years later. I learned so much while we were together. He patiently stayed with me while I learned how to drive stick shift, yet he never reacted. Well, he did shake a bit, but that’s what made him so special to me.

With him I always had a ride wherever I wanted to go. We even took a road trip together through the night to visit my sister who lived 500 miles away! That was an experience -- full of laughter, mystery and paranoia. When we stopped to fuel up in Georgia at two in the morning, I was convinced that the station attendant was acting suspiciously. He quickly got me out of there!

We loved to listen to music – the louder the better. We would head to the beach with the windows down and bands cranking. It didn’t matter if the weather was nice or not, just being together was what made the time worthwhile. He was adept at getting in and out of the tightest spots.

Our devotion to each other was mutual. I was proud of him and loved helping him look his best, especially when he had passed through muddy waters. All my friends knew that when they saw him, there I would be too. We were inseparable. I had my parents to thank for bringing us together, and my husband to blame for setting us apart. Yes, after only six years, my husband said it was time to trade my first and most beloved car in for a newer model.

My 1973 yellow Volkswagen was more than a car – he was a friend. I named him Sunny, because he always made me smile. How much I loved him. I cried when the time came for me to drive him one last time. I knew that this was the end of an era for me. How special he was, and I always wonder where he is today. Every time I see a yellow bug I look and smile, just in case my old friend is smiling back.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Googling Orlando!

Have you heard? Orlando has been nominated to be chosen by Google to showcase their new high speed internet through fiber optics! If chosen, we would have internet access that is 100 times faster than what we have now! Mayor Buddy Dyer has sent out the request for us to show our creativity in asking Google to pick our city. So....I pulled out the Dr. Seuss thinking cap once again, and here is what I wrote:

Orlando, the City Googleful
by Debi Walter

We've heard it said
Oh yes, it's true
That fiber is so good for you.

It's good for you
Yes, indeed,
So certainly
It must truly be
Good for Google to offer thee
A chance to test fiber optically!

Fiber Optics is the way to go
So please, oh, please won't you let us know?
Let us know if we're to be
The place to experiment
With high internet speed

Speed we want
Speed we need
Speed will help us
Talk with ease

Ease is fun, ease is good
But only when it's in our 'hood
Orlando is the City Beautiful
How much more the City Googleful

Googleful, now is that a word?
A word I'm sure I've never heard!
But like it, yes, like it, I do!
But do you like us?
You certainly should!

Should is the word we want to use
Should is why we are good
Good for you
Good for me
Good for Googling rampantly

So now that my poem has been quite heard
I hope you think it not absurd
Absurd it's NOT, absurd it ISN'T
But this I'm certain my poem is

Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 24, 1979 - February 24, 2010

Celebrating another year of God's faithfulness to us as husband and wife! Click on the picture to view all.

Anniversary - 31

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This past week we received more devastating of our co-workers grandson who is only 4 months old and a twin was shaken by his father in an effort to get him to be quiet. Sadly, little Camron will probably not survive, unless God performs a miracle, which we know He can.

This brings to my mind the hypocrisy of our government's support of abortion since 1973. If Camron's mother had decided 5 months ago that this baby would be inconvenient, she would have legally been allowed to end his life. What a horrible truth that many children - millions of children - an entire generation of children have been robbed of their God-given right to life! Who is man to take life from such helpless babies?

This weekend there will be an historic March For Life in Washington D.C. The message is loud and clear - we, as Americans and Christians, oppose this practice and want to expose it for the money factory it is! For those who are unable to make it to Washington in person, there is now a Virtual March For Life in which you can take part. Simply click on the box in the right hand column of this blog. There you can sign up and start walking immediately! Won't you not only stand - but "Walk for Life"?

And continue praying for Camron and his family. He has a twin brother and two older siblings making this time even more of a challenge for his mom and grandparents.